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Oliver Sacks' bar()
An example of the element Tungsten

Sample Image
Tungsten Oliver Sacks' bar
Oliver Sacks' bar. (External Sample)
This is the bar of tungsten sent to Oliver Sacks by Roald Hoffman which triggered Sacks' memories of his uncle, which led to his writing Uncle Tungsten, the reading of which lead me to make the Periodic Table Table.
Sacks carries this bar with him everywhere, and when he came to visit the Periodic Table Table on November 12, 2002, I photographed it, so now it's an external sample in the table it created.
Now I just need to find and photograph whatever it was that triggered Roald Hoffman to send Sacks the bar in the first place. Eventually I should be able to trace this thing back to the big bang.
Location: Oliver Sacks' Wallet
Photographed: 12 November, 2002
Size: 3
Purity: >95%
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