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My books, Mad Science and Mad Science 2, are collections of a total of nine years worth of my Popular Science magazine column. They are all about doing fun, dramatic science-like things at home, using commonly available materials whenever possible. But unlike the typical books of this nature, no attempt is made to be safe or sane. The safety warnings section is very stern, and meant to be taken seriously.

But in exchange, you get a level of excitement you just don't find in the typical DIY home science book. Here's a clip of me on the CBS Early Show doing two of the experiments from the first book:

Mad Science 2, new in 2013, is the second half of my years at Pop Sci. There's no repetition between the two books: Mad Science 2 is all new, including the ever-popular Bacon Lance.

There are two ways to buy the books: from one of the retailers listed below, or using the Add to Cart button below, which lets you order them directly from me.

The retailers are generally cheaper, but if you order it from me at the list price, you get a signed copy! Books are in stock and ready to ship.

MAD SCIENCE book $24.95

MAD SCIENCE 2 book $24.95

Other places you can buy the book (generally cheaper, but not signed copies):
Barnes and Noble
Powells's Books

"This is a fabulous book, and a real education, too - a beautiful introduction to hands-on chemistry. Theo Gray brings us dozens of experiments in minute, clear, and loving detail, and each one becomes a door onto the marvels of how chemicals react. Whether he is showing us how to make table salt from its violent elements, or, in a quieter vein, to make one's own nylon thread or "lead" pencils, Gray's encyclopedic knowledge and contagious enthusiasm transport us to deep intellectual realms, while never sacrificing a sense of wonder and, above all, fun."
-Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings, Musicophillia, Uncle Tungsten, and many others

"What a magnificent book. It's gorgeous, playful, and draws you in. Every single photo shows not only a deep love of science in the abstract, but also a tinkerer's love of the STUFF of science; the tools and glass, the clay and metal, and all the things that make science accessible to everyone."
-Adam Savage, star of MythBusters

"What good is this Nobel Prize around my neck if it doesn't produce admiration for science writers such as Theo Gray, whose skillful work helps convert young students into serious researchers."
-Leon Lederman, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics
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