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Tremendous block of tungsten
An example of the element Tungsten

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Tungsten Tremendous block of tungsten
Tremendous block of tungsten.
This is a block of tungsten about the size of one of the larger Harry Potter books (hardcover). The main difference, aside from the lack of character development in the tungsten block, is that the block weighs about as much as some of the people reading the book, 84 pounds. Wow, that's a lot of tungsten!
It came from a scrap metal dealer who reports that it was a collimator vane from a linear accelerator, possibly a Varian Clinac. No further information was forthcoming.
Source: eBay seller microdrivesrus
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 12 January, 2010
Text Updated: 24 January, 2010
Price: $900
Size: 8"
Purity: 95%
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