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Anode balls.
An example of the element Cadmium

Sample Image
Cadmium Anode balls
Anode balls.
These balls are identical to my first sample under cadmium, the difference is that when I got the first sample, the thought of purchasing a hundred pounds of cadmium was ludicrous. These balls are part of a lot of a hundred pounds (91.5 actually) I purchased from a large cadmium distributor recently. How things change.... Most of the balls are stock for future museum displays being developed by Max Whitby and myself, but I've extracted a tax of a few for my table and for my multi-metal chain (see below).
Source: sulfuric.com
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 1 August, 2003
Text Updated: 11 August, 2007
Price: $1.70/pound
Size: 2"
Purity: 99.98%
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