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Series of the elements

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HydrogenNonmetal NiobiumTransition Metal ThalliumPoor Metal
HeliumNoble Gas MolybdenumTransition Metal LeadPoor Metal
LithiumAlkali Metal TechnetiumTransition Metal BismuthPoor Metal
BerylliumAlkaline Earth Metal RutheniumTransition Metal PoloniumChalcogen
BoronMetalloid RhodiumTransition Metal AstatineHalogen
CarbonNonmetal PalladiumTransition Metal RadonNoble Gas
NitrogenNonmetal SilverTransition Metal FranciumAlkali Metal
OxygenChalcogen CadmiumTransition Metal RadiumAlkaline Earth Metal
FluorineHalogen IndiumPoor Metal ActiniumActinide
NeonNoble Gas TinPoor Metal ThoriumActinide
SodiumAlkali Metal AntimonyMetalloid ProtactiniumActinide
MagnesiumAlkaline Earth Metal TelluriumChalcogen UraniumActinide
AluminumPoor Metal IodineHalogen NeptuniumActinide
SiliconMetalloid XenonNoble Gas PlutoniumActinide
PhosphorusNonmetal CesiumAlkali Metal AmericiumActinide
SulfurChalcogen BariumAlkaline Earth Metal CuriumActinide
ChlorineHalogen LanthanumLanthanide BerkeliumActinide
ArgonNoble Gas CeriumLanthanide CaliforniumActinide
PotassiumAlkali Metal PraseodymiumLanthanide EinsteiniumActinide
CalciumAlkaline Earth Metal NeodymiumLanthanide FermiumActinide
ScandiumTransition Metal PromethiumLanthanide MendeleviumActinide
TitaniumTransition Metal SamariumLanthanide NobeliumActinide
VanadiumTransition Metal EuropiumLanthanide LawrenciumTransition Metal
ChromiumTransition Metal GadoliniumLanthanide RutherfordiumTransition Metal
ManganeseTransition Metal TerbiumLanthanide DubniumTransition Metal
IronTransition Metal DysprosiumLanthanide SeaborgiumTransition Metal
CobaltTransition Metal HolmiumLanthanide BohriumTransition Metal
NickelTransition Metal ErbiumLanthanide HassiumTransition Metal
CopperTransition Metal ThuliumLanthanide MeitneriumTransition Metal
ZincTransition Metal YtterbiumLanthanide DarmstadtiumTransition Metal
GalliumPoor Metal LutetiumTransition Metal RoentgeniumTransition Metal
GermaniumMetalloid HafniumTransition Metal CoperniciumTransition Metal
ArsenicMetalloid TantalumTransition Metal NihoniumPoor Metal[note]
SeleniumChalcogen TungstenTransition Metal FleroviumPoor Metal[note]
BromineHalogen RheniumTransition Metal MoscoviumPoor Metal[note]
KryptonNoble Gas OsmiumTransition Metal LivermoriumPoor Metal[note]
RubidiumAlkali Metal IridiumTransition Metal TennessineHalogen[note]
StrontiumAlkaline Earth Metal PlatinumTransition Metal OganessonNoble Gas
YttriumTransition Metal GoldTransition Metal
ZirconiumTransition Metal MercuryTransition Metal

Notes on the Series of particular elements:

Nihonium: Value is a guess based on periodic table trend.

Flerovium: Value is a guess based on periodic table trend.

Moscovium: Value is a guess based on periodic table trend.

Livermorium: Value is a guess based on periodic table trend.

Tennessine: Value is a guess based on periodic table trend.

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