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An example of the element Tungsten

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Look, let's be honest here. A photograph of a pile of powder just doesn't do it for me, OK? I mean, the powder is very impressive in person: Being tungsten it is of course remarkably heavy, and that's something I just love no matter how many times I pick it up. But you can't tell that from the photograph, or even from the 3D rotation video (click the turntable icon). So if you want to know what this is all about, you're just going to have to get some tungsten of your own, powder or solid, either way it's just about the neatest stuff around. Just not photographically.
Source: Ethan Currens
Contributor: Ethan Currens
Acquired: 25 April, 2006
Text Updated: 19 November, 2007
Price: Donated
Size: 1"
Purity: 99%
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