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Lifetime of the elements

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Oganesson7 ms LithiumStable RutheniumStable
Tennessine72 ms BerylliumStable RhodiumStable
Livermorium173 ms BoronStable PalladiumStable
Moscovium1.5 m CarbonStable SilverStable
Flerovium2 m NitrogenStable CadmiumStable
Darmstadtium5.833333333333 m OxygenStable IndiumStable
Roentgenium14.5 m FluorineStable TinStable
Nihonium28.33333333333 m NeonStable AntimonyStable
Francium31.66666666667 m SodiumStable TelluriumStable
Meitnerium43.33333333333 m MagnesiumStable IodineStable
Copernicium58.33333333333 m AluminumStable XenonStable
Hassium1.388888888889 h SiliconStable CesiumStable
Bohrium2.166666666667 h PhosphorusStable BariumStable
Seaborgium2.777777777778 h SulfurStable LanthanumStable
Nobelium5.555555555556 h ChlorineStable CeriumStable
Dubnium8.333333333333 h ArgonStable PraseodymiumStable
Astatine11.66666666667 h PotassiumStable NeodymiumStable
Lawrencium14.44444444444 h CalciumStable SamariumStable
Rutherfordium18.88888888889 h ScandiumStable EuropiumStable
Radon5.516087962963 d TitaniumStable GadoliniumStable
Mendelevium74.30555555556 d VanadiumStable TerbiumStable
Fermium145.0231481481 d ChromiumStable DysprosiumStable
Einsteinium1.864535768645 y ManganeseStable HolmiumStable
Promethium25.55809233891 y IronStable ErbiumStable
Actinium31.43106291223 y CobaltStable ThuliumStable
Polonium147.1334348047 y NickelStable YtterbiumStable
Californium1300.101471334 y CopperStable LutetiumStable
Berkelium1991.37493658 y ZincStable HafniumStable
Radium2314.814814815 y GalliumStable TantalumStable
Americium10654.49010654 y GermaniumStable TungstenStable
Protactinium47279.29984779 y ArsenicStable RheniumStable
Neptunium3.095192795535×106 y SeleniumStable OsmiumStable
Technetium6.024860476915×106 y BromineStable IridiumStable
Curium2.251395230847×107 y KryptonStable PlatinumStable
Plutonium1.141552511416×108 y RubidiumStable GoldStable
Uranium6.449771689498×109 y StrontiumStable MercuryStable
Thorium2.028475393201×1010 y YttriumStable ThalliumStable
Bismuth2.758751902588×1019 y ZirconiumStable LeadStable
HydrogenStable NiobiumStable
HeliumStable MolybdenumStable

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Common Properties
Abundance in Earth's Crust Discovery Year
Abundance in Humans Electrical Conductivity
Abundance in Meteorites Electron Affinity
Abundance in the Ocean Electron Configuration
Abundance in the Sun Electronegativity
Abundance in the Universe Half Life
Atomic Mass Heat of Fusion
Atomic Number Heat of Vaporization
Atomic Radius Ionization Energies
Boiling Point Melting Point
Covalent Radius Specific Heat
Other Properties
Adiabatic Index Mohs Hardness
Allotrope Names Molar Magnetic Susceptibility
Alternate Names Molar Volume
Block Neutron Cross Section
Brinell Hardness Neutron Mass Absorption
Bulk Modulus NFPA Label
CAS Number Period
CID Number Phase
Color Poisson Ratio
Critical Pressure Quantum Numbers
Critical Temperature Radioactive
Crystal Structure Refractive Index
Curie Point Resistivity
Decay Mode RTECS Number
DOT Hazard Class Series
DOT Numbers Shear Modulus
Electrical Type Space Group Name
Gas Atomic Multiplicities Space Group Number
Group Speed of Sound
Isotope Abundances Superconducting Point
Isotopes (All Known) Symbol
Isotopes (Stable) Thermal Conductivity
Lattice Angles Thermal Expansion
Lattice Constants Valence
Lifetime Van Der Waals Radius
Liquid Density Vickers Hardness
Magnetic Type Volume Magnetic Susceptibility
Mass Magnetic Susceptibility Young Modulus