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Electrical Type of the elements

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LithiumConductor PraseodymiumConductor HydrogenN/A
BerylliumConductor NeodymiumConductor HeliumN/A
CarbonConductor[note] PromethiumConductor NitrogenN/A
SodiumConductor SamariumConductor OxygenN/A
MagnesiumConductor EuropiumConductor FluorineN/A
AluminumConductor GadoliniumConductor NeonN/A
PhosphorusConductor TerbiumConductor ArgonN/A
PotassiumConductor DysprosiumConductor SeleniumN/A
CalciumConductor HolmiumConductor KryptonN/A
ScandiumConductor ErbiumConductor XenonN/A
TitaniumConductor ThuliumConductor AstatineN/A
VanadiumConductor YtterbiumConductor RadonN/A
ChromiumConductor LutetiumConductor FranciumN/A
ManganeseConductor HafniumConductor ActiniumN/A
IronConductor TantalumConductor AmericiumN/A
CobaltConductor TungstenConductor CuriumN/A
NickelConductor RheniumConductor BerkeliumN/A
CopperConductor OsmiumConductor CaliforniumN/A
ZincConductor IridiumConductor EinsteiniumN/A
GalliumConductor PlatinumConductor FermiumN/A
ArsenicConductor GoldConductor MendeleviumN/A
RubidiumConductor MercuryConductor NobeliumN/A
StrontiumConductor ThalliumConductor LawrenciumN/A
YttriumConductor LeadConductor RutherfordiumN/A
ZirconiumConductor BismuthConductor DubniumN/A
NiobiumConductor PoloniumConductor SeaborgiumN/A
MolybdenumConductor RadiumConductor BohriumN/A
TechnetiumConductor ThoriumConductor HassiumN/A
RutheniumConductor ProtactiniumConductor MeitneriumN/A
RhodiumConductor UraniumConductor DarmstadtiumN/A
PalladiumConductor NeptuniumConductor RoentgeniumN/A
SilverConductor PlutoniumConductor CoperniciumN/A
CadmiumConductor BoronInsulator NihoniumN/A
IndiumConductor SulfurInsulator FleroviumN/A
TinConductor ChlorineInsulator MoscoviumN/A
AntimonyConductor BromineInsulator LivermoriumN/A
CesiumConductor IodineInsulator TennessineN/A
BariumConductor SiliconSemiconductor OganessonN/A
LanthanumConductor GermaniumSemiconductor
CeriumConductor TelluriumSemiconductor

Notes on the Electrical Type of particular elements:

Carbon: Value given for graphite. Diamond is an insulator.

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Abundance in Humans Electrical Conductivity
Abundance in Meteorites Electron Affinity
Abundance in the Ocean Electron Configuration
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Atomic Mass Heat of Fusion
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Atomic Radius Ionization Energies
Boiling Point Melting Point
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Liquid Density Vickers Hardness
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Mass Magnetic Susceptibility Young Modulus