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Kryptonite padlock.
An example of the element Iron

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Kryptonite padlock.
In the Superman comics and movies, "kryptonite" is a fictional element, or perhaps a compound, I'm not sure, from another planet. You can be pretty sure that this padlock isn't actually made of kryptonite, since that is an entirely fictional substance. I think most people know it's fictional, and will correctly assume that the name is being used metaphorically here, to represent the great strength of Superman.
That's less clear in the case of the "Titanium" padlocks made by the same company (MasterLock). Titanium is a real element, one known for its great strength, and one with a very high quality reputation. Are MasterLock Titanium padlocks made of real titanium? No, it turns out they are using the word titanium just as metaphorically as they use the word kryptonite. Their so-called Titanium padlocks are made of ordinary steel and stainless steel, just like this one.
You can read more about fake titanium products in my column for Popular Science.
Source: Walmart
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 3 February, 2008
Text Updated: 3 February, 2008
Price: $20
Size: 3"
Purity: >90%
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