Popular Science Column


I've been writing a monthly column about chemistry, elements, blowing things up, etc, for Popular Science magazine since July, 2003.

Please note, this list is often way out of date!
I'm really lazy with getting them scanned, so this list has been as much as a year out of date sometimes. Just because it looks like I haven't written anything in years doesn't mean I haven't.

Check the Popular Science website too, they are usually more up to date with recent articles, though not so good with older ones.

November 2009
Spark Fun
October 2009
Flash Bang
September 2009
Gone in a Flash
July 2009
Power Sculpting
June 2009
Cold, Hard Facts
May 2009
The Other White Heat
March 2009
Blowing (Up) Bubbles
February 2009
Building a Tough Bit
January 2009
Homemade Titanium
December 2008
Glass Grill
October 2008
Metal's Hidden Treasure
September 2008
Make Your Own Ammo
August 2008
Quantum Physics in a Glass
July 2008
Shattering the Strongest Glass
June 2008
Let Burning Metals Lie
May 2008
The Instant Hot Tub
April 2008
Flaming Oxygen Drops
March 2008
Trap Lightning in a Block
February 2008
Fire Without Flame
January 2008
Titanium or Plain Ol' Steel?
December 2007
Plate your 'Pod
November 2007
Burning Metal
October 2007
Transform Hand Warmers to Liquid Ice Sculptures
September 2007
How to Make a Lamp out of Lime
August 2007
Make Your Own Ethanol
July 2007
Pretty Penny
June 2007
Atoms and Eves
May 2007
Spark of Destruction
February 2007
A Tall Glass of Juice
December 2006
An Elemental Fascination
November 2006
Soup-Can Searchlight
October 2006
Making Salt the Hard Way
September 2006
Playing With Poison
August 2006
Dry Ice Cream
July 2006
Ice Capades
June 2006
Rocket Food
May 2006
Stir Up Some Nylon
April 2006
Nickel Growing in Trees
March 2006
Save a Snowflake for Decades
February 2006
Making a Deadly Sun
January 2006
Making a Perfect Match
December 2005
Make Your Own Lightbulb
October 2005
Making Silicon from Sand
August 2005
Titanium in Technicolor
July 2005
Calling Van Helsing
June 2005
Make Everything Golden
April 2005
The Original Photo Flash
March 2005
Seeing the Subatomic
February 2005
Gag with a Spoon
January 2005
The Worst Way to Inlay
November 2004
Grow Crystals in a Cup
October 2004
The Amazing Rusting Aluminum
August 2004
For that Healthy Glow, Drink Radiation!
August 2004
Making Steel with Beach Sand
July 2004
Uncovering a Natural (Magnetic) Attraction
May 2004
The Most Potent Force in Science Today!
May 2004
Melting the Unmeltable
April 2004
Getting the Lead In
March 2004
Futuristic Metal Cutting for the Masses
February 2004
Ignorance = Maglev = Bliss
December 2003
The Subatomic Assembly of H2O
October 2003
Making Small Change Smaller
September 2003
Smelting in a Microwave
August 2003
Casting About, from Al to Zinc
July 2003
Microcrystalline in 30 Seconds