About This Site

Periodictable.com is the creation of Theodore Gray, with assistance from Nick Mann, and in partnership with Max Whitby of RGB Research. We operate under the name Element Collection, Inc, whose main business activity, other than the creation of this website, is the publishing and sale of Posters, books, card decks, and displays related to the periodic table.

We also operate an active stock photo and video library of the elements, which offers by far the largest and most complete library of photographs of the elements, their applications, and the minerals that incorporate them. The majority of the items in our library are available both as high-resolution (10 to 15 megapixel) stills and as high-resolution (5 to 7 times HD) rotation videos showing them turning around a complete circle.

Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray is the author of The Elements and Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home-But Probably Shouldn't, and of Popular Science magazine's Gray Matter column. He is the proprietor of periodictable.com and the creator of the iconic photographic periodic table poster seen in universities, schools, museums, and on TV shows from MythBusters to Hannah Montana. In his other life, he is co-founder of the software company Wolfram Research, creators of the world's leading technical software system, Mathematica®, and WolframlAlphaTM. He lives in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Max Whitby

Max Whitby PhD is a documentary film maker and scientist based in London. He has produced many films for the BBC and with Theodore Gray has created numerous spectacular periodic table displays. In a parallel life he is chairman of a natural history publishing business which gives him a plausible excuse to travel to nice places filming birds and butterflies.

Nick Mann

Nick Mann is a freelance photographer working in Central Illinois. First published at at age 17, he used the freedom provided by home schooling to learn the art and craft of photography. As Element Collection's chief photographer he has most likely photographed more elements than anyone in the world. Nick's other interests include behavioral economics, finance, and cycling. His personal landscape photography and can be seen at NickMannPhotography.com.