Information about Photo and Video licensing

This site contains the world's largest collection of stock photographs and rotation videos of the chemical elements and their applications in research, industry, technology, fashion, and more. Nowhere else will you find such a rich and complete set of element images, professionally photographed with high end digital SLR cameras and available for commercial licensing as high resolution files.

We can supply both still images at 10 to 15 megapixels, and rotation videos at 5 to 7 times HD resolution showing the samples rotating around a complete circle. We can supply complete sets of all the elements on consistent backgrounds (black, light, and wood grain backgrounds).
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The "Spin" link next to most sample images leads to a preview of the rotation video.

Our most remarkable offerings are built from our library of well over a thousand full 360-degree rotations and live action experiments. These images, both individually and as the whole periodic table, have been used on the PBS science documentary series NOVA, National Geographic TV, Pioneer TV, KQED Quest, as well as in TV advertising.
NOVA Samurai clip
NOVA Samurai clip (11MB).
HD tour
Video Wall
HD tour
1080x1920 HD Sample
Tour (149MB)
HD tour
8-minute Showcase of
the elements (254MB)
Mini documentary about the
making of the video wall (115MB)
We can supply videos like this customized to your needs, with unique pans and zooms to highlight particular elements, or integrate live action video with the rotating periodic table as in the Showcase and Video Wall examples above.

Our extensive live action library is organized around experiments that each illustrate a property of the one of the elements.

Hydrogen Bubbles Phosphorus Sun SF6 Boat
Iron Thermite Aluminum/Bromine Levitation
Cerium Sparks Thorium Mantle Live Action in Table

Our own photographic periodic table poster, based on a selection of our images, is widely recognized as the definitive visual rendering of the universally known iconic shape of the periodic table. It has been featured on a wide range of TV shows from NOVA to MythBusters to Hannah Montana. Click here to see clips from the these and other shows.

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