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What you'll find here

There's a whole lot of stuff here, many thousands of pages of text, stories, pictures, and data. Most of it you get to by clicking on the individual elements on the front page, or using the navigation bar the top of nearly every page.
Don't miss the pictures, like these of titanium.
Hundreds of descriptions of the objects.
Complete technical data about every element.
Complete information about radioactive decay chains.
Most of the text and pictures originally came from my wood-themed site about my wooden periodic table table (a table in the shape of the periodic table, ha ha). Some things are still only available on that site, notably:
Spell with Elements game
Reaction balancing
How to collect elements
The Brainiac Fiasco
My museum displays and element sales
My Popular Science column
My 2002 Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Oliver Sacks came to visit!
On the flip side, this site includes far more detailed technical data about the elements, and a notably amazing set of isotope decay chain maps which are not on the wooden site. But pretty much everything else is in both places, though with very different graphic designs between the two.

For those of you who prefer different ways of arranging the periodic table, a subject of much discussion among certain circles, the front page is available arranged in the following ways:
Traditional with gap under yttrium (the default front page)
Traditional with lanthanum/actinium under yttrium
Traditional with lutetium/lawrencium under yttrium
The wide form of the standard arrangement
The arrangement promoted by Eric Scerri
Modified arrangement promoted by Eric Scerri
The wide form arrangement promoted by Eric Scerri
The wide left-step form
The wide right-step form
Elements can be organized in a lot of different ways, not just in the shape of the periodic table. Here are a whole lot of different collections of elements and samples grouped according to at least some measure of logic.
By Atomic Number
By Name (US Spellings)
By Tom Lehrer
By Purity of Purest Sample
By Priciest Sample
Samples by Date
Samples by Date Edited
By Number of Samples
By Words in Description
Alkali Metals
Alkali Earth Metals
Rare Earth Metals
Transition Metals
Other Metals
Noble Gases
Subatomic Particles
Extra Tiles
Poster Samples
Favorite Samples
Samples In the RGB Set
Samples In the Everest Set
Samples In the Jensan Set
Samples with Stories
Samples with Rotatable Images
Samples with High Resolution Spin Movies
Samples with Sounds
Samples with Videos
Minerals, Alloys, and Compounds
Elements with External Samples
Solid at Room Temperature
Liquid at Room Temperature
Gas at Room Temperature
Stable Elements
Stable Elements with Radioactive Isotopes
Radioactive Elements
Fun/Dangerous Experiments
Elements at Walmart
Elements in the Human Body
Elements that spell OLiVEr SAcKS
Elements Popular in Collections
Elements I Need Samples Of
Elements I Have Extra Of
Atomic Emission Lamps
Multi-metal Chain
Metal leaf
Light Bulbs
Golf Equipment
Body Parts
Spark Plugs
RGB Samples
Fishing Weights
Chain Mail
Ethan Currens Group
Comments, corrections, or suggestions are welcomed, I can be reached at theodore@wolfram.com.