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Burned Barbie doll (with glasses)
An example of the element Oxygen

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Oxygen Burned Barbie doll with glasses
Burned Barbie doll (with glasses).
This Barbie (TM) brand doll head is meant for kids to practice hair dressing on: It's about 3/4 life size. Unfortunately this Barbie decided to play with fireworks and had a bad day. Fortunately, she was wearing her safety glasses, and while she may spend some time in the hospital, she's going to be fine, her eyes intact and undamaged.
You don't have to imagine what her fate would have been if she'd failed to ware safety glasses, just check out the next sample.
Source: Walmart
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 8 February, 2009
Text Updated: 8 February, 2009
Price: $40
Size: 12"
Composition: CHO
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