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Autographed card.
An example of the element Fermium

Sample Image
Fermium Autographed card
Autographed card.
There are some elements you're just not going to get a sample of, and this is one of them. What can you do? Collecting autographs of the people involved in discovering the element is one thing. Greg P started the concept of getting element tiles autographed by their discoverers with a truly remarkable one: A tile of seaborgium autographed by Glenn Seaborg after whom it is of course named. Naming elements after a living person is unheard of except in that one very special instance, and it's definitely never going to happen again. Since Seaborg died not too long after his element was named, there existed only a very short period in human history, never to be repeated, when you could get the autograph of the person on an element tile named after them.
The tile pictured here is also autographed by its one of its co-discoverers, Dr. Gregory Choppin. Shawn Havery came up with the idea of replicating Greg's tiles for other elements, and I've been encouraging him to do as many as he can: There aren't going to be many more elements discovered, and the people alive who have created an element is small and not getting any bigger. We live in the unique couple of decades when it's possible to assemble such signed tiles. So what are you waiting for Shawn?
Source: Shawn Havery
Contributor: Shawn Havery
Acquired: 12 September, 2003
Price: Donated
Size: 3"
Purity: 0%
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