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Uranyl Nitrate.
An example of the element Uranium

Sample Image
Uranium Uranyl Nitrate
Uranyl Nitrate.
This is one of the more dangerous samples we have. If you eat uranium metal, it will probably go right through you causing minimal harm. But if you eat a soluble uranium salt, it's likely to exhibit a good bit of chemical toxicity, much worse than any radiological danger. This is frankly not something one should have around lightly, though the amount is not enough to cause a real crisis. It's stored in "The Can".

Click the source link for an interesting story about where this sample came from.
Source: Tryggvi Emilsson and Timothy Brumleve
Contributor: Tryggvi Emilsson and Timothy Brumleve
Acquired: 6 September, 2002
Price: Donated
Size: 1"
Purity: 54%
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