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Concentrate from Uranothorianite.
An example of the element Protactinium

Sample Image
Protactinium Concentrate from Uranothorianite
Concentrate from Uranothorianite.
A student in Austria isolated about 0.5 micrograms of protactinium from a sample of uranothorianite and sealed it in this well-made glass ampule. The powder you see is mostly MnO(OH)2 not protactinium: If it were pure protactinium the ampule would quickly melt from the heat and radiation. Protactinium is so intensely radioactive that you probably wouldn't have to have much more that the one part per million in this ampule!
Source: Anonymous
Contributor: Anonymous
Acquired: 4 March, 2004
Text Updated: 8 December, 2007
Price: Donated
Size: 2"
Purity: 0.000001%
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