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Cutout sheets, 20g.
An example of the element Thorium

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Cutout sheets, 20g.
This was part of a larger batch purchased by Max Whitby for his commercial element collections: I piggybacked the purchase of this material from the same source, for a sum that must remain confidential per our agreement with the source, who also wishes to remain anonymous. (Nothing illegal mind you, ownership and sales of thorium metal in small quantities is perfectly legal, they just don't want anyone hassling them to sell more of it.)

This sheet is about 1/16" thick, not just a foil, a real plate, heavy due to the high density. The photograph shows it as it originally came to me, it is now 3/4" shorter because I cut off a 15 gram (out of a total of 50 grams originally) rectangle of it to trade for a depleted uranium projectile. Please note that if you're looking for a serious chuck of thorium metal (a) good luck and (b) don't bother asking me, I am not prepared to trade any of this material for blood or money. The only thing I might trade it for is a seriously unusual sample of something I don't have anything like: A significant historical object, genuine DU tank penetrator, that kind of thing.

The date listed is the date I officially added this to the collection, I actually acquired it several years earlier. And in late 2007, preceding paragraph notwithstanding, I traded this sample for the next one listed under thorium, a square rod in a glass ampule. OK, not just for the rod, I got something else that must remain confidential for the time being, but will show up here eventually.

Source: Anonymous
Contributor: Max Whitby of RGB
Acquired: 16 March, 2007
Text Updated: 14 June, 2008
Price: Confidential
Size: 2.3"
Purity: 99%
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