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"Doorstop No1"
An example of the element Lead

Sample Image
Lead Doorstop No1
"Doorstop No. 1"
There's just something about mass quantities of mass in small packages. This is about 50 pounds of lead (one and a half of the thick tiles discussed above) melted into a bowl and simply left to cool after carefully skimming the surface. The bowl was the same one used to form the inner surface of the Atomic Potluck series, so you could set this object into an Atomic Potluck bowl and have a compound lump that would weigh more than many supermodels, while not taking up much more space than one of their ... um ... handbags.
Source: Theodore Gray
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 18 August, 2002
Price: Donated
Size: 8"
Purity: >95%
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