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Gold-plated Griffith Observatory coin.
An example of the element Gold

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Gold Gold-plated Griffith Observatory coin
Gold-plated Griffith Observatory coin.
I really like the Griffith Observatory even though it's not an observatory (it's in Los Angeles, you understand). It's actually a science museum, and it has the distinction of having sold more of my photographic periodic table posters than any other museum (thousands and thousands of them). I visited them once and asked the store manager if they had been doing something unusual to use up so many of them, he said no, people just keep buying bunches of them. If you don't live in Los Angeles (and let's be realistic, who would want to?) you can buy one direct from me.
Source: Griffith Observatory
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 27 October, 2007
Text Updated: 28 October, 2007
Price: $30
Size: 1"
Purity: <1%
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