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Fantasy coin.
An example of the element Tantalum

Sample Image
Tantalum Fantasy coin
Fantasy coin.
This is a coin, but not really. It's made by a person who, so far as I can tell, makes up and strikes pretend, unofficial coins for real countries. People have the strangest hobbies don't they? He makes fantasy coinage and I collect it because of what element it's made out of. Probably a sign of the end times if you get right down to it. Anyway, this is a coin for a real, if small, country, it just isn't issued by that country, and therefore it has no official status or face value. If I were that country, I'd be proud to have him as my country's currency designer: It's a lovely coin. As it is, only about 40 exist, and proper coin collectors dismiss them as nothing more than tokens (a chauvinist attitude I do not share).
Tantalum is not used for any "real" coins, mainly because it is so hard that the stamping dies tend not to last very long, making it impractical for longer production runs.
Source: eBay seller equillink
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 27 July, 2004
Price: $86
Size: 1"
Purity: >99%
Sample Group: Coins
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