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Daylight incandescent bulb.
An example of the element Neodymium

Sample Image
Neodymium Daylight incandescent bulb
Daylight incandescent bulb.
These bulbs are an abomination. They are ordinary, inefficient incandescent bulbs that have been rendered even more inefficient by coating the bulb with a neodymium-based filter that absorbs the dingy yellow light that makes incandescent light so unpleasant. The result is a pleasant enough daylight color of light, created in the most wasteful way imaginable. Please don't buy this kind of bulb: Get compact fluorescent bulbs instead, they last an incredibly long time, save you many times their purchase price in electricity, and the light from them is much nicer.
This bulb is displayed in my Bulb Stand.
Source: Hardware Store
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 28 November, 2003
Price: $1
Size: 6"
Purity: <1%
Sample Group: Light Bulbs
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