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Crying bars.
An example of the element Indium

Sample Image
Indium Crying bars
Crying bars.
When you bend it, indium gives out a "cry" much like the better-known "tin cry". Neither of them is really much like a cry, as you can hear if you play the sound for this sample.

This sound file is a bit larger than most, because it's a super-high fidelity recording made in the "dead end" studio at WGBH Boston, using the finest high sensitivity microphones available, and I didn't want to lose anything by compressing it. My host family when I attended the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, Jane and Miles, are both sound engineers at WGBH, and they kindly set up a recording session to capture this important element sound.

When Oliver Sacks came to visit me he liked these bars so much that I gave him one to take home, so there are actually only two left in the table.

Source: Mark Rollog
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 31 July, 2002
Text Updated: 11 August, 2007
Price: $5/each
Size: 2.5"
Purity: >99%
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