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Scrap roof flashing.
An example of the element Zinc

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Zinc Scrap roof flashing
Scrap roof flashing.
I've been melting and casting roof flashing zinc since the late 1970s. But I couldn't find any just now, so I purchased a new bucket of scrap at Marco's scrap metal in Champaign in April 2002. Later I found many pounds of it in my parents' basement. This metal was melted down and poured into mini-muffin tins to make nice little coins.

Click the book icon for a story about casting zinc and other metals, or find the mini-periodic table under zinc for a different story about casting.

Source: Marco's Scrap Metal
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 15 April, 2002
Price: $1/pound for scrap zinc
Size: 1.25"
Purity: >90%
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