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Chunks under argon.
An example of the element Potassium

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Chunks under argon.
I love it when someone says my sample of a certain element sucks, because it's usually a prelude to them telling me that I should have the much better version then could send me, if I'm interested. Greg, bless his heart, thought a lot of my samples suck. He sells lots of very nice and very unusual elements on eBay and elsewhere: Check the Source link for details.
The potassium in these sealed vials is very shiny: Hopefully they will stay that way for a good long time. The 3D version came out quite nicely: I was able to use my fiber optic illumination system to make the glass nearly invisible. Taking the samples out to photograph them would have been possible only in an argon glove box, or they would have oxidized very quickly.
Source: Greg P
Contributor: Greg P
Acquired: 18 April, 2003
Price: Donated
Size: 1"
Purity: 99.9%
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