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Outrageous price quote
An example of the element Boron

Sample Image
Boron Outrageous price quote
Outrageous price quote.
Our first attempt at a boron sample involved Ed calling up a chemical supplier. They helpfully supplied a price quote of $2030 (two thousand and thirty dollars American) for one square inch of boron foil. We respectfully declined the offer. You might think that boron would be fairly inexpensive, given that it's dirt common and is the major component of things like Borax. But it turns out it's insanely difficult to fuse and work with, so formed shapes of it are quite unreasonably priced. We are preserving this price quote as a reminder of how much money can be saved by using eBay instead of chemical companies.
Source: Ed Pegg Jr
Contributor: Ed Pegg Jr
Acquired: 15 July, 2002
Price: $0/Nothing
Size: 1"
Purity: 0%
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