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Pacemaker batteries.
An example of the element Lithium

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Pacemaker batteries.
These batteries are designed to be implanted in patients to power their cardiac pacemakers. The seller reports they are from the liquidation of a biomedical products company and had an original list price of $500 each. Jeez, for that price I'll slice my own chest open and drop in a couple of Duracells. They are probably single-use lithium batteries, but maybe they are lithium-ion rechargeable, I'm not sure. No, I won't sell you one for your pacemaker.
Note that these are, from a safety point of view, probably superior to the one I have listed under plutonium.
Source: eBay seller heruur
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 30 December, 2003
Text Updated: 11 March, 2007
Price: $14.50
Size: 2.5"
Purity: <5%
Sample Group: Medical
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