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Isotopes of Americium (click to see decay chain):
231Am  232Am  233Am  234Am  235Am  236Am  237Am  238Am  239Am  240Am  241Am  242Am  243Am  244Am  245Am  246Am  247Am  248Am  249Am 

242Am    Half-lifeFermion, 95p 147ntitle icon
16.01944444444 hSpin 1 Parity -1

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Atomic Weight242.059549159
Mass Excess55.469685MeV
Binding Energy7.534984MeV
Magnetic Moment0.3879 μ
Quadrupole Moment-2.4
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Decay Chain Image

Decay chain image generated by Mathematica's GraphPlot and IsotopeData functions from Wolfram Research, Inc..