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Isotopes of Cadmium (click to see decay chain):
95Cd  96Cd  97Cd  98Cd  99Cd  100Cd  101Cd  102Cd  103Cd  104Cd  105Cd  106Cd  107Cd  108Cd  109Cd  110Cd  111Cd  112Cd  113Cd  114Cd  115Cd  116Cd  117Cd  118Cd  119Cd  120Cd  121Cd  122Cd  123Cd  124Cd  125Cd  126Cd  127Cd  128Cd  129Cd  130Cd  131Cd  132Cd 

110Cd    Half-lifeBoson, 48p 62ntitle icon
StableSpin 0 Parity 1

This isotope is stable and thus has no decay products, so instead we show decay chains that lead down to it.
Atomic Weight109.90300207
Mass Excess-90.35299MeV
Binding Energy8.55132MeV
Magnetic Moment0 μ
Quadrupole MomentN/A
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Decay chain image generated by Mathematica's GraphPlot and IsotopeData functions from Wolfram Research, Inc..