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Pictures of Terbium, its minerals and applications.

Terbium Whole SoundBug speaker
Whole SoundBug speaker.
Terbium Core of SoundBug speaker
Core of SoundBug speaker.
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Terbium Terbium-doped glass
Terbium-doped glass.
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Terbium High purity crystal crust
High purity crystal crust.
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Terbium High purity rod
High purity rod.
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Terbium Element coin
Element coin.
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Terbium Poster sample
Poster sample.
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Terbium Hollow cathode lamp
Hollow cathode lamp.
Terbium Terfenol magnetostrictive alloy
Terfenol magnetostrictive alloy.
Terbium Sample from the Everest Set
Sample from the Everest Set.
Terbium Lump
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Terbium Terbium iodide.
Terbium iodide.
Terbium Himalayan sea salt
Himalayan sea salt
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Terbium Himalayan salt lamp
Himalayan salt lamp
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Terbium Insane mineral capsules
Insane mineral capsules
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Terbium Apatite from Jensan Set
Apatite from Jensan Set.
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Terbium Photo Card Deck of the Elements
Photo Card Deck of the Elements.
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