Information for Teachers

This website, is a complete periodic table reference containing just about all the information a student would need to know about each of the chemical elements.

It is based on a combination of research-grade technical data with a very large volume of text about, and photographs of, the elements and their applications. My name is Theodore Gray and I am the principle author of this website, having written nearly all the text and taken nearly all the photographs together with my photo assistant Nick Mann. In addition to maintaining this website I write a monthly column on topics in science and chemistry for Popular Science magazine, and am a co-founder of Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of Mathematica.

This site is entirely "school safe" in the sense that while the writing is lively and entertaining, students will not find anything inappropriate here, and links to external sites are limited to other reputable websites.

I am happy for students to use images and facts found here in school reports, and if they ask for permission I will always respond positively. (Commercial use is of course subject to a license fee, but students and teachers are free to use anything they like in class as long as proper attribution is given to

If you like the look of the front page, you can buy a copy in poster form for your classroom: Visit my Photo Periodic Table Poster page for ordering information, or ask your school supplies distributor (it is available from NASCO in the USA, and from my company directly in the USA, UK, and internationally).

If you're looking for a way to convince your students that chemistry can be cool, you might direct them to my TV Sightings page, which lists the various popular shows, including NOVA, MythBusters, Hannah Montana and others where my poster or video poster can be seen.

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