Information for Students

From the front page you can see basic information just by moving your mouse over any of the elements, or click on an element to see many more pictures of the element and its applications. For example click here for pictures of a whole lot of things made of titanium.

The "Technical Data" link you'll find in the navigation bar at the top of each element's page takes you to detailed numerical data about that element. Click here for an example of technical data.

The "Isotope Data" link takes you to a detailed listing, with decay diagrams, of all the known isotopes of the element. Click here to see the decay chain of Uranium-235 in pretty form.

The technical and isotope data come from the data services of Wolfram Research, Inc and should be among the most reliable available. It has been carefully checked against multiple authoritative sources.

The photos and descriptions of samples of the elements come from me, Theodore Gray and are generally my own, reasonably well-informed opinion. But don't necessarily belive everything you read in the text, and feel free to send me corrections.