The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Published by the newly formed Touch Press

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Elements app does not rotate when I turn the iPad through 180 degrees. This means that if I keep my iPad supported on the Apple case, The Elements is up-side-down.
A. We are aware of this limitation and we plan to resolve this in a free, automatic update very soon. You will then be able to use The Elements in both landscape orientations, and no longer have to stand on your head.

Q. The Elements app suddenly exits occasionally.
A. This may happen if these isn't enough memory available for The Elements to run. This can usually be resolved by restarting your iPad: Learn how. We are aware of several specific situations this happens in, and these will be addressed in the first free update to the app.

Q. The Elements seems to be taking forever to download in iTunes.
A. The Elements is quite large at around 1.8GB, almost as large as many HD movies. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take some time to download in iTunes. Check the progress bar periodically: if it stops moving you may need to cancel the download and start again.

Q. The Elements takes a very long time to sync to my iPad.
A. The Elements does take some time to sync to your iPad due to its substantial size. If the sync appears to have hung and the progress bar remains static, you may need to cancel the sync and restart it.

Q. When will The Elements be available in Korean? Or any other language?
A. We are actively considering publication of The Elements in other languages.

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