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George (not 007) Lazenby (10)

George Lazenby Sent Ed a lovely letter in a fancy envelope, and inside were three teeny tiny plastic vials with rubber gaskets and inside them were three foil samples, Thallium, Tantalum,and Palladium. Now, someone on slashdot made a joke about us asking for element donations, saying he'd like people to send him some Au or Ag too. I didn't really expect anyone to send us free gold and silver, but free palladium is pretty darn close! In fact,it's often more expensive than gold. He thoughtfully included a copy of the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for Thallium, so we wouldn't kill ourselves with it. Later he sent several more bigger samples, all of which he got at a surplus auction of his highschool. It seems he was the only one there who appreciated the erbium foil. The samples had been donated to the school by a former student who worked at NIST (National Institute for Standards and Testing), where they had been used as x-ray calibration standards. This means they are probably very pure.
Still later, he sent, on a semi-permanent loan basis, one of the most remarkable samples in the whole table: A three ounce (103.8 gram) bar of solid gold.
Email: george_lazenby(at)hotmail.com

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Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

Yttrium Concave Lump
Concave Lump
Yttrium: Info | 3D
Palladium Small rectangle of 0.01mm foil, 99.999%
Small rectangle of 0.01mm foil, 99.999%
Palladium: Info
Neodymium Hunky lump
Hunky lump
Neodymium: Info | Spin | 3D
Samarium Dendritic crystals
Dendritic crystals
Samarium: Info
Erbium Large rectangle of heavy foil
Large rectangle of heavy foil.
Erbium: Info | Spin | 3D | Sound
Tantalum Small rectangle of 0.1mm foil, 99.99%
Small rectangle of 0.1mm foil, 99.99%
Tantalum: Info
Tantalum Large rectangle of heavy foil
Large rectangle of heavy foil.
Tantalum: Info | Sound
Osmium Another antique phonograph needle
Another antique phonograph needle.
Osmium: Info | Sound
Gold Three ounce bar
Three ounce bar.
Gold: Info | Spin | 3D
Thallium 0.1mm foil wrapped into small cylinder, 99.99%
0.1mm foil wrapped into small cylinder, 99.99%
Thallium: Info
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