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17 April, 2009 (32)

17 April, 2009

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

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Boron Cubic boron nitride insert
Cubic boron nitride insert.
Boron: Info | Spin | 3D
Carbon Buckyball model
Buckyball model.
Carbon: Info
Silicon Silicone implant
Silicone implant.
Silicon: Info | Spin | 3D
Chlorine Cobalt Chloride
Cobalt Chloride
Chlorine: Info
Chlorine Holmium chloride.
Holmium chloride.
Chlorine: Info
Potassium Super-clean potassium
Super-clean potassium.
Potassium: Info
Manganese Manganese iodide
Manganese iodide
Manganese: Info
Cobalt Cobalt bromide.
Cobalt bromide.
Cobalt: Info
Bromine Lutetium bromide.
Lutetium bromide.
Bromine: Info
Bromine Neodymium bromide
Neodymium bromide
Bromine: Info
Bromine Thulium bromide
Thulium bromide
Bromine: Info
Bromine Ytterbium bromide
Ytterbium bromide
Bromine: Info
Molybdenum Dry moly lubricant
Dry moly lubricant.
Molybdenum: Info | Spin | 3D
Ruthenium Ruthenium plated ring
Ruthenium plated ring.
Ruthenium: Info | Spin | 3D
Indium Invisible wires on screen
Invisible wires on screen.
Indium: Info | Spin | 3D
Iodine Cerium iodide
Cerium iodide
Iodine: Info
Iodine Erbium iodide
Erbium iodide
Iodine: Info
Iodine Neodymium iodide
Neodymium iodide
Iodine: Info
Iodine Praseodymium iodide.
Praseodymium iodide.
Iodine: Info
Iodine Terbium iodide.
Terbium iodide.
Iodine: Info
Xenon Xenon incandescent headlamp
Xenon incandescent headlamp.
Xenon: Info | Spin | 3D
Cesium Cesium clock F1
Cesium clock F1()
Caesium: Info
Barium Very pure barium
Very pure barium.
Barium: Info
Promethium Promethium igniter
Promethium igniter.
Promethium: Info | Spin | 3D
Samarium Guitar pickup
Guitar pickup.
Samarium: Info | Spin | 3D
Terbium Core of SoundBug speaker
Core of SoundBug speaker.
Terbium: Info | Spin | 3D
Erbium Erbium-doped amplifier
Erbium-doped amplifier.
Erbium: Info | Spin | 3D
Tantalum Tantalum capacitors
Tantalum capacitors.
Tantalum: Info | Spin | 3D
Platinum Platinum electrode
Platinum electrode.
Platinum: Info | Spin | 3D
Gold Gold-plated speaker connector
Gold-plated speaker connector.
Gold: Info | Spin | 3D
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