Information for Scientists

This website,, combines two things: A whole lot of sometimes flippant opinions written by me, Theodore Gray, and a whole lot of very serious scientific information provided by my company's data function service. Mathematica, the premier scientific and technical computing package, offers a sophisticated computable data service that makes detailed data about a wide range of subjects available conveniently within the Mathematica framework. The technical data portions of this website are based almost entirely on the data available in the ElementData, ChemicalData, and IsotopeData packages.

For example, click here for technical data on titanium. This curated data is available programmatically within Mathematica, where it can trivially be used in computations, plots, etc.

You will also find here one of the most remarkable presentations of the world's knowledge of the nuclides, compiled from multiple sources and made available in Mathematica as IsotopeData. On this site you will find beautifully laid out and highly detailed maps of the decay chains of over 3100 isotopes. For example, Click here to see the decay chain of Uranium-235. Note links on that page to see the immediate decay products, ultimate stable products, and as well as complete information about the isotope being featured. You can navigate to any other isotope by clicking on the navigation bar at the top or by clicking on any isotope in the decay chain image.

All data presented on the isotope and technical data pages is curated by the staff of Wolfram Research, Inc. and is regularly updated.

Comments, corrections, or suggestions are welcomed, I can be reached at