Your Name in Elements (or Not)

Beautiful Custom-Printed Element Banners

Here you can see how "Oliver Sacks" can be spelled using only one and two letter element abbreviations, with each element represented by a big beautiful photograph. You can order this photographic spelling as a high-quality banner custom-printed with an archival pigment ink printer on heavy-weight satin finish paper.

You can also order a copy of my Photographic Periodic Table Poster, from which these images are taken.

Create your own element spellings

Sizes and prices are based on this specific sequence. Because these banners are custom-printed to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Widths are approximate.
10x85 $136
16x136 $340
16x34 (2-line) $119
6x57 PhotoGlow $640
12x33 PhotoGlow (2-line) $640